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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, after Madrid. Barcelona is a Mediterranean city surrounded by mountains and sea, marked by its traditions, history, as well as its creativity and artistic atmosphere. It is also the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea. It is located on the Mediterranean coast between the mouths of the rivers Llobregat and Besòs and is bounded to the west by the Serra de Collserola. The visitors will have the chance of strolling at the city to discover its Roman remains, as well and the modernist neighborhoods with a special architecture that is a worldwide reference.

The emblematic neighborhoods in Barcelona are a home for exquisite art and architecture of remarkable artists as Gaudi, Miró and Picasso, who has helped Barcelona to be a really impressive city, but it is known as Gaudi city. The Barri Gòtic is the centre of the old city of Barcelona. Many of the buildings date from medieval times, some from as far back as the Roman settlement of Barcelona. The new Catalan cuisine and the tapas bars seduce the most refined palates, while the nightlife and the music are famous in the whole world. Barcelona is also one of the main cities for fashion, perfect for shopping and to enjoy the best of the fashion in Spanish, Europe and the World.

Barcelona is also a city of sports –Obviously, a football city, Thanks to FC Barcelona-, a city of extreme adventures, cultural shows and a great variety of choices to please the most discerning travelers. Barcelona is a very complete city, in which you can find a lot of events festivals all the year.

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Catalonia a region full of history, diversity, nature, and culture

Catalonia is conformed to the provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. The capital city is Barcelona. Catalonia borders France and Andorra to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the east (580 km coastline). The neighbouring Spanish regions of Aragon and the Valencia Community lie to the west and south respectively. The official languages are Catalan, Spanish, and Aranese (Occitan); Catalan Sign Language is also officially recognized. The Catalan government intends to hold a referendum on independence from Spain in 2014.

The climate of Catalonia is diverse. The populated areas lying by the coast in Tarragona, Barcelona and Girona provinces feature a Mediterranean climate. In the Mediterranean area, summers are dry and hot with sea breezes, and the maximum temperature is around 26-31 °C. Winter is cool or slightly cold depending on the location. It snows frequently in the Pyrenees, and it occasionally snows at lower altitudes, even by the coastline. Spring and autumn are typically the rainiest seasons, except for the Pyrenean valleys, where summer is typically stormy.

Catalonia is a region full of history, diversity, nature and culture. Enjoy its paradisiac beaches and coves, the magnificent Pyrenees, Roman remains, wine routes, medieval architecture, a remarkable gastronomy, adventure sports and beautiful landscapes.

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